Monday, March 29, 2010

Can't Recognize Me?!

Just like most "stylish" women, I change my purses after a couple weeks to mix things up (I know some that change it daily, once again, I am NOT that "stylish"). So now I am sporting a simple white Dolce and Gabana (New York knock-off) purse.
After work on Friday, I met up with my Mom and Grandma at Food City. As I am walking down the isle to meet them, Grandma looks at me and says- "I almost didn't recognize you without your yellow purse!" Who would have thought that my BIG YELLOW PURSE would be so embedded in my Grandmother's mind?? Sometimes she doesn't can't recall that she's living with my mom. Hey at least she is remembering me somehow!

Do you think I should get Grandma her own yellow purse???

1 comment:

  1. Brittany, I love the blog about Grandma. You do a great job. But, your still not getting the ring! HeHe!