Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Tradition

I'm not big on the whole "Valentine's Day" celebration. My mom and I usually mess up and call it "Thanksgiving" or the other day I asked a patient if they had big "Halloween" plans. I really meant Valentine's. Our way of celebrating Valentine's day is by making sugar cookies! My mom and I have been doing this for a couple years now. I love a sugar cookies with pink frosting and sprinkles! They are so tasty and are pretty much the BEST sugar cookie I have ever eaten.

My mom made big hearts, medium hearts, and little hearts. She says she likes the little ones because you can eat more and not feel so guilty because they are small! I agree! And since we know how much Grandma loves cookies... we give her a couple small ones!

And the verdict is... "These are pretty tasty, but I think I need another one to know for sure!" There you have it, the best sugar cookie!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!
er.... I mean Valentine's Day!

How can you not love this face?

Just as we hoped, Grandma played the piano while we sang her Happy Birthday! She seemed to have enjoyed her birthday! She says to us.... "I don't even feel like am 80! What does 80 feel like??" She still continues to talk about her party! Thank you all that came and made her day special! It meant alot to her.

I love this picture. I feel like it captures how truly happy Grandma was!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Birthday Party= Sucessful event!!

Grandma is now the big eight-zero!! My mother decided to throw Grandma a BIG bash. My brother Brett woke up at 3 am to smoke some pork. My mom made some yummy salsa, a big thing of potato salad, and a delicious oatmeal cake. Jenny, my sister in law made a "better-than-sex" chocolate cake. Jen, my other sister in law made a big tortellini salad. And I also helped out by making one of my favorites, Pina Colada cake. Grandma used to make it for me on my birthday and I thought I would carry on the tradition and make it for hers.

[Brett and the FOOD]

Mom had invited some of Grandma's friends and our family. It was nice to see you all. And we thank those that sent cards to Grandma. She cried with everyone she read. (It must run in the family or something because my mom does the same thing and by golly, I have started to do it too! Thanks Grandma. My dad always said its because our bladders were put too close to our tear ducts. I am starting to think he is correct.)

[Jae Dee Hendrickson, Grandma, Sharon and Berkley Lunt]
[Grandma with cousin Rondaleen Specht]

[Grandma and long time friend, Jewel Leslie]

[Grandma with counsins Dorothy and Kim Sowards]

Some things Grandma got for her birthday:

-a new recliner ("new" to her. grandpa's old one but she doesn't know)

-a silver watch (she had a gold one. but it didn't match her white gold ring. [correction- "my" white gold ring] and don't worry grandma tells us multiple times daily about her new watch.

-a beautiful display of pink flowers (tulips, roses and carnations)

-a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY balloon
-lots of love from her friends and family

[Grandma and her flowers]

Saturday, February 6, 2010


I want to share 80 things/ reasons why I love you Grandma!
I love that I get to spend such quality time with you every single day. I love your quirky yet witty responses. I love your yellow-ish sweater. I love when you start to dance when you hear music in the store! I love it when you sit down and play that jazzy tune on the piano. I love it when you shake your cute little booty. I love that you take good care of my "old" room and put your things nicely in there place. I love when you stuff your big wad of kleenex in your pocket because you never know when you or someone else will need them. I love that you're the only one that eats with a placemat. I love when you leave your cane in the bathroom and then can't find it. I love that you won't even consider letting Brett come snuggle with you at night. I love that you will let me come lay next to you while my mom tucks you in. I love when you have to put lipstick on before you ever leave the house. I love our little chats when you tell me over and over again that Grandpa died. I love it when you help me fold my laundry. I love when you get ready for church even when its not Sunday. I love when you ask me if we are twins. I love when you call me "little shit" for being taller than you. I love when you go grocery shopping with me to help push the cart. I love when my dad gives you diet dr pepper and you tell him not to tell my mom. I love that you gobble on the back porch and the turkey answers back. I love that when I try to gobble you tell me that I don't do it right. I love it when you put your cold hands on Brett and wake him up. I love that you have your own special chair and won't let anyone else sit in it. I love when you tell me you don't want to go to bed because you don't want to miss anything exciting. I love when you tell my mom she gave you too much food but you still manage to eat it all and sometimes ask for more. I love that you taught me how to sew. I love that you are organized and everything has its particular place. I love that you will invite anyone and everyone to your room and show them all your pictures. I love the levi quilt you made many years ago. I love all the blankies you made for my dolls growing up. I love when you tell me I'm a crazy driver (even though I am going the speed limit). I love when you break out in random thought and we have no idea what you're talking about. I love when you repeat stories and my dad starts to count. I love when you think Debbie is someone else's daughter. I love when you call me Debbie, or even Casey Blue (sometimes my mom does it too). I love when you get after Brett for doing something naughty. I love when we get to meet up and eat lunch together. I love when you need a cookie after you finish your lunch. I love when you think its someone's birthday even though its not. I love when you sing Happy Birthday to my mom and see her roll her eyes. I love when you get the days mixed up. I love when we used to have popcorn everynight followed by a bowl of ice cream. I love when you sneak some candy. I love when you open up the bag of cookies and then get caught. I love the silly face you make when you put on Brett's cowboy hat. I love when you ask me where my husband is. I love to hear you laugh. I love it when you cry after reading cards and letters. I love that a cookie can cheer you up. I love your wedding ring and hope one day I can wear it longer than just 5 seconds. I love your silky night gown. I love when you ask me if I combed my hair with a rake. I love when you ask me if I even combed my hair at all. I love when you talk about my big yellow purse. I love when I walk through the door, you comment on my big glasses before even saying Hi. I love when you ask Jenny if she could find a bigger watch. I love when you come visit me. I love that you don't care to stay. I love your little QT mug. I love when you ask me to fill it up. I love when you have friends over, and you tell them the same stories, again and again. I love when you tell us about your mother. I love when you talk about Grandpa. I love that you have a picture of all of us in your room. I love when you can't find your flashlight even though its tucked away in the blankets. I love when you find the flash light you cover it back up with the blankets. I love when you tell me you see the peacocks in the trees. I love when you chase the chickens with your cane. I love when we go see the goats. I love when you watch Westerns with my dad. I love that we are the youngest of our families. I love that you helped mold me into what I am today. I love that you were able to come to my temple wedding. I love that you have lived the gospel. I love that you taught me to do the same. I love your example of service. I love your dedication. I love the love you have for me. I love that I have these memories to pass on to my children and grandchildren. I love that I am just like you!
Why do you love Grandma?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Shopping Adventure!

Yesterday I went over to my parents house. I got to visit with them and also Grandma. sweet sweet nephews were there too! I stopped by to say hello but ended up staying most of the evening. I had mentioned that I needed to go grocery shopping and without any hesitation Grandma chimes in and says.. "Can I go with you?" I was a little hesitant because I knew it wasn't the grocery trip where you can just run in, grab the item, pay and run out. But I would be going all over the store catching all the GOOD DEALS! But how can you say NO to Grandma? As we walked to the car, she says to me "I just needed to get out!" So we got in the car and headed off to have an adventure!
Walking in to the store, Grandma says to me..."You know that Grandpa died, right?" I looked at her and just said, "Yes Grandma, he died a couple months ago." She just said, "Yeah, its been hard." It has been hard and we miss our Grandpa but we are sure enjoying the moments we do have left with Grandma!
After walking all over the store (Grandma pushed the cart for me as I put the goods in), we get to the check out line. I was helping the person in front of us load her groceries and then I start to load mine. Grandma once again looks at me and says, "I need to start looking for a job. Now that Grandpa is gone, I need to make the money!" And I thought to myself, "Really Grandma, you want to find a job when you have the life of Diet Dr Pepper and cookies at my mom's house?" But I responded, "Grandma, I'm the one with the job. But how about you come over to my house and help me fold my laundry. Then we can go get lunch and cookies!" I think she liked that idea a lot better than her really having a job!
I love my adventures with Grandma. I really never know what she is going to say to me or ask me. She may not have it all together, but together, WE sure have it all!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I get excited for FEBRUARY...
Grandma's BIRTHDAY is coming up this SATURDAY (February 6)! She will be turning 80! I am getting excited for her birthday! ONE: it will ACTUALLY be someone's birthday to celebrate and TWO it will be HERS!! I am hoping she will play the piano for all of us to sing! It is my FAVORITE when she plays the piano! (I can't forget that SATURDAY is also my cousin CASEY BLUE'S Birthday as well...and then the following day is my brother ANDY'S Birthday!) I am thinking its time for a party!!!