Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Birthday Party= Sucessful event!!

Grandma is now the big eight-zero!! My mother decided to throw Grandma a BIG bash. My brother Brett woke up at 3 am to smoke some pork. My mom made some yummy salsa, a big thing of potato salad, and a delicious oatmeal cake. Jenny, my sister in law made a "better-than-sex" chocolate cake. Jen, my other sister in law made a big tortellini salad. And I also helped out by making one of my favorites, Pina Colada cake. Grandma used to make it for me on my birthday and I thought I would carry on the tradition and make it for hers.

[Brett and the FOOD]

Mom had invited some of Grandma's friends and our family. It was nice to see you all. And we thank those that sent cards to Grandma. She cried with everyone she read. (It must run in the family or something because my mom does the same thing and by golly, I have started to do it too! Thanks Grandma. My dad always said its because our bladders were put too close to our tear ducts. I am starting to think he is correct.)

[Jae Dee Hendrickson, Grandma, Sharon and Berkley Lunt]
[Grandma with cousin Rondaleen Specht]

[Grandma and long time friend, Jewel Leslie]

[Grandma with counsins Dorothy and Kim Sowards]

Some things Grandma got for her birthday:

-a new recliner ("new" to her. grandpa's old one but she doesn't know)

-a silver watch (she had a gold one. but it didn't match her white gold ring. [correction- "my" white gold ring] and don't worry grandma tells us multiple times daily about her new watch.

-a beautiful display of pink flowers (tulips, roses and carnations)

-a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY balloon
-lots of love from her friends and family

[Grandma and her flowers]

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