Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sleeping Bags

My mom was going through the *trailer the other day and came across some gently used sleeping bags. Since I am in need of getting my "camping gear" ready for camping season, she thought to give them to me. I gladly accepted.

I brought them home and found they smelled of old people (no offense grandma and grandpa but as you got older, you didn't have the best hygiene). I opened them up and found this...

All nicely tucked away was a sheet and a pillow in both of the sleeping bags. I took the sheet out of the first one so I could wash it and then I came to the second one. I was so astonished. The sheet and the pillowcase matched! Grandma had even sewed a little yellow and orange border on to the pillow for her special touch!

Grandma had even taken a sheet and sewed the sides and bottom together to fit perfectly into the sleeping bag. She also added ties to both the bottom of the sleeping and the bottom of the sheet to tie together. Not only was it tied together...

It was tied with a BOW! (I swear I did not re-tie it to look like this)
As I added the final sheet to the "wash" pile, I noticed that the sheet from the other sleeping bag matched these sheets but had a different color scheme.

All I could think was "I have the cutest Grandma in the whole entire world!" And I kept saying it over and over again... Because it is soooooo TRUE! I really do have the CUTEST GRANDMA in the WHOLE entire WORLD!!!

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